How to multiply your closet

July 22, 2019 12:44 PM
Have your heard of the formula 4 + 4 + 4 = 40?

Yes, you got it right. It is not a mathematics formula, but represents the number of pieces you need to have and the maximum number of possible outfits. So when planning your working wardrobe it means your need four tops, four bottoms plus four coats or jackets, so that you have forty different outfits! It is almost two months worth of workday outfits! These pieces however, have to be in 3 compatible colours and one print that goes with those colours (but it doesn't necessarily need to be, if you don't like prints), combined to your taste. That way you can mix and match suits for example, and multiply the number of outfits!

How this works?

Choose neutral colours such as navy, black, brown, beige, burgundy or grey for the basic pieces, which are the tops and bottoms. Add colour and or patterns for the shirts and blouses, this is your opportunity to show your personality, jazz up your accessories and let your personality shine, but please avoid anything too audatious, you should know how conservative or liberal your company is, so bangles and oversized earrings in the office maybe too 'party' like and can entangle and make annoying noises. The same goes to oversized deep contrasting patterns, best stick to classics such as small to medium size polka dots, stripes, checks and paisleys.

We really need less than we think we do. When we have a workable wardrobe that is de-cluttered, well organised, we feel less stressed in the morning trying to find things and that saves a lot of time. Being creative is fun and pays off but being sensible is key, if you are starting a new job or moving to a new area, find out what the dress code of the company is, it also helps to pay attention to how your colleagues dress for work.

Dressing well takes effort and planning, but you can easily find coordinates pieces that comform to the formula above as more and more manufacturers are producing them and stores displaying them. Keeping your wardrobe neat and with a reasonable number of pieces, neither too much not too little, find your magic number that you feel comfortable with and that will fit comfortably in your closet without jamming it, that will help you take quicker decision on what to wear each and every time and will prevent you from wearing whatever just because you were pressed for time and couldn't find what you were looking for.

That frees you up for focusing on what you are good at and not distracted by wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the occasion or make you feel less than confident. I hope you will try this and if you do, I would love to hear from you.

Don't limit white for Summer. It goes with everything and adds polish all year round.
The right accessories will show your personality. But the older we get the more refined they should be.
Opt for dainty jewellery that won't be costume like to complete the look.
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