“Sensational stylist, etiquette expert and world-class personal brand specialist,”
these are some of the phrases commonly used to describe Silvana, Founder and Principal of Silvana Patrick Personal Styling.  

Silvana founded her boutique consulting company 10 years ago after 15 years in the corporate world to help men and women unleash their unique style with a fresh and modern approach.  

Silvana has an international reputation having run her business in cities like the São Paulo, New York,  Doha,  Melbourne and now based in Sydney, Australia.

Her inside experience in the corporate world and her profound knowledge of the fashion industry where she worked in a luxury magazine and several fashion houses, combined with her understanding of both physical and psychological aspects of styling, translate into remarkable results and sets her apart from her competitors. Silvana is passionate about helping people portray a consistent image, one that is line with all the other aspects of their personal brand, thus creating a cohesive, powerful message .
Silvana goes beyond the styling. She uses the power of style to transform our perception of self and others, leaving clients feeling more confident, increasing their presence and impact, and gaining the recognition they aspire to.

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