I’d like to share my experience with Silvana. I have never thought of hiring a stylist before I met Silvana. I thought only corporate people needed to worry about their image, as opposedt o me a yoga teacher living in the desert and with no social life. I found that unnecessary; however, my experience was completely different than I thought it was going to be. When we started to go through my clothes, I was shocked to see how much I had and I never wore.I thought some of the clothes fit me, but in fact, they didn’t do anything for me. Silvana taught me how to combine my existing clothes in ways I never thought about before, I noticed I didn’t need as much. Silvana spent a long time learning about my personality, lifestyle and values to help me dress to reflect that personality, she also taught me how to combine the right colors and also my body proportions. After this experience, I changed the way I shop, I am now aware of what works for me. I think Silvana’s services is crucial for anybody and really helps us save money because it helps us focus on what we need and what works for us.

Gisele S. - São Paulo, Brazil

Silvana is brilliant! She’s so knowledgeable and easy to be around. Being a busy professional and mom, I need to be dressed really well, but I hated shopping and she made it so easy. My wardrobe now is full of clothing that I love. She inserted serious style to it and I thank her for that.

Cris G., Barcelona, Spain

Silvana is a modern Fashion Guru with an impressive knowledge and passion for sophisticated dressing and styling. Her consultation allowed me to see and utilise my existing wardrobe to a new level of chic and sexy. I am now matching the colors and styles that really match my body shape, complexion and hair color. Looking and feeling fantastic and like a new woman... Thank you Silvana! You are a true talent.

Anna G. London, England

What a wonderful time!!! Silvana is beyond being a sweet person, she taught me how to do a make up on a super natural way that makes all the difference, besides giving me precious tips on how to build a look for both day and night, making that hidden-in-the-closed-blouse, that one we find boring, turns into a magazine outfit! Not to mention the tips for our next shopping tour, which, in fact, only through a professional we learn how to enhance our assets and feel much more confident. I loved it and recommend.

Cristina F., Doha, Qatar

What I have learnt from Silvana about my body type and color is indispensable. She has given me the tools to enable me to make smart purchasing decisions. Also, Silvana is extremely talented in maximizing a person’s attributes which, together with having an excellent knowledge of all the latest available fashion and accessories, leave me feeling confident and comfortable.

Roselaine A. Adelaide, Australia

I was looking to further my career but was not confident that I was presenting myself optimally. This is where Silvana exceeded my expectations. She was able to choose styles and colours which I felt create the successful, professional image I was aiming to project. What further enhanced my experience was that I was made to feel it was a consultative process. This ensured that I was not going to leave with any items I was not excited to wear.

Simon V. Adelaide, Australia
Jessica Buurman