How to accessorise like a pro

June 23, 2019 4:35 PM

There is more to accessories than we might even think. They are the single greatest way to save time, money and deliver a personal touch to your outfit.

Accessories can transform an otherwise mundane outfit instantly, therefore, they have the power to multiply your closet, but it's not just the aesthetics aspect of accessories that is important for style. It's often forgeotten that there's also a functional aspect to accessories.

Yes, a belt is supposed to hold the pants up high, but what about a scarf? What is its functionality? There is also the question of how to, so if you are wondering how to make the best use out of accessories and save time and money, yes because when you change an outfit just by changing how you accessorise it, you are saving time and money, simply because accessories are less expensive than buying an entire outfit, then this post is for you.

Throughout the years I have thrown a few challenges to my clients to have them simply change their accessories while keeping the same base everyday and here I illustrate exactly that. Of course, you don't need to be that extreme, but it's clear that that is a very smart way of dressing.

For this post I wore a plain cotton dress as a base, steered clear from black,  just for fun but also to make a point that it is not about the color but  about the accessories.

To start,  go through your arsenal of scarves, jewellery, belts, hats, bags, etc and pick the ones you haven't worn in a while. Ask yourself why that is so. Does it not fit your lifestyle, taste anymore? Is it dated, wrecked, pilling, etc? Toss it! Keep only the ones that are in pristine shape and that you still wear today. If you don't know how to style them, then keep on reading. You might learn some new ways to do so.

Four things to consider:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Style
  • Material

Here are some tips for some of the accessories in your wardrobe.


It's mostly known for its aesthetics side. We may choose one because we simply like the print. But never really think if those colours or print suit us. Because they stay around the neck, fhe functional aspect of scarves is to reflect the color back to our faces, and for this reason, we should pick the ones which colours enhance our complexion! Otherwise, we run the risk to look tired, older, outdated. Another very functional aspect to them is that they break the monotony of a monochromatic outfit. For example, some people just don't do black well. It just doesn't suit them, but if they break it with a scarf that has their best colours in it, then it works. it has to be something that is close enough to their face though for this to work such as a scarf or necklace.


It works the same way as scarves for exactly the same reason. Ask yourself: do they enhance your complexion? Make you look fresher as opposed to tired?


The material and thickness will determine its functionality. For instance, stiff material such as leather, give structure as opposed to soft fabrics that will dangle down.


All accessories should be as small as your frame. The smaller the frame, the smaller the accessories. Otherwise they will overwhelm you. Also bear in mind your body proportions, if you are on the short torso side, avoid high waist belts as they will emphasise the problem.


Are they still suitable for your style? Do you love them? Answer honestly. If not, they should go!

The goal is to make room for the new and have only what compliments, no point in keeping things just for the sake of it, right? Also, make sure they are well stored so they keep their shape, especially belts, hats and bags. Normally they are not cheap stuff so we want to keep them in good shape for as long as we can.

Accessories should be smart buys, as they have the power to completely change an outfit plus don't cost as much as an outfit! They are a bonus and make our lives so much easier in the morning when we don't have the luxury of time in our hands.

Remember, this post is just an exercise in creativity, it's amazing how we can create completely different personas just by changing accessories. Have fun but know some rules. I might have gone over the top but it's just to show you the possibilities, the sky is really the limit. Once you found the ones that suit your style start playing with them with a basic item such as a simple LBD or jumpsuit, so they don't compete. Choose a very classic item in a neutral colour as if it's a canvas.

If you are not convinced yet, scroll down to see some good tips on how to master the art of accessorising:

I am wearing: Tibi cotton dress

Outfit #1 - Witchery faux leather scarf  | Mimco Mules

Outfit #2 - Striped satin belt with golden details (old)  |  Givenchy bag  |  Gianvitto Rossi heels

Outfit #3 - Cult Gaia high waist belt  |  Tony Bianco heels |  Serpui Marie clutch

Here is a plain cotton blue dress simply styled with black accessories; a leather scarf and black mules, making it perfect for the weekend. I am wearing the belt that comes with the dress. It's a good way to start testing the waters if you are a beginner.
For this look, I stick to a monochromatic palette but statement heels and golden details for a sophisticated finish. This look is perfect for an important meeting with a client. It shows a bit of personality while still being very sober.
Structure leather bag and statement shoes transform this simple dress in to a very classy outfit.
A fabric belt will highlight the waist which has a slimming effect.
Now it's time to change the accessories for a cocktail, by simply adding contrasting colours and a bold high waist belt everything looks more stylish and party-like
i added a colourful scarf without adding any extra colour to the pallet.

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