When nature meets technology

January 27, 2018 3:28 PM
As a fashion blogger and image consultant, comes without saying that I am also a beauty lover. And I was very luck to have worked for a luxurious magazine where I used to hang out with all those beauty gurus, after all, it's an intrinsic part of what I do as there's no perfect outfit without an impeccable skin. However two major things have changed from when I was younger; I no longer buy products because of their smell alone :) and secondly, I am investing more on skin care rather than make up. I want to postpone as much as possible any cosmetic injections, nothing wrong with them, don't get me wrong, is just that I want to be able to look as young as possible without putting stuff into my skin, but it's just me. At the moment, I am fascinated about the combination of technology and natural products. Products that mimmic what young cells do but due to poor diet, pollution and the natural process of aging start to decelerate the process. I was so glad to hear that this immortajell range by Origani had been re-launched, that's exactly what I was looking for in a skin care range, something that would target expression lines by using technology that inhibits neuromuscular signalling and prevents muscle contraction to relax tension around the area and encourages your own cells to act young again, just fabulous. From the myriad of options out there, it is tough to find what really works, but experimenting can be fun and when you find the product that is just right for you, it is so rewarding. I absolutely love to spend my Sunday mornings indulging myself with nice aromas and essential oils in diffusers and home-facials, it elevates all my senses and makes me feel renewed after a long work's week. It's a 'me time' that is so well deserved and I simply forget about the world out there, it is like a meditation, really. If you haven't treated yourself to a home-spa yet, I really encourage you to start doing, Here's a great option to try xxx