January 21, 2017 2:15 AM

What's your style?

Romantic, classic, minimalist, rock-glam.... Amidst the phletora of style offers available, sometimes it can get hard to realize which one is ours. It's a question of knowing who you are even before perhaps your body type. You know a style is for you when you feel comfortable in an outfit, you just know. Nothing will work if you don't know what translates your inner-most self, your life style, how you want to feel when wearing an outfit or your body type. However, in saying that, mixing styles can also be very fun and that will come whe you master the rules. i.e. romantic floral dress and chuncky boots, does this sound familiar? And once you master the rules, break them!
I'm wearing: Look #1 Ruffled Top Shop blouse | Victor & Rolf wide leg pants | Michael Kors Platform Sandals   Look #2 Ruffled Top Shop blouse | Veronica Maine Pants
The two looks are not drastically different, yet they illustrate how versatile we can be
Let me know which look is your favourite

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