March 11, 2018 1:13 PM

What a simple tee can do

The uber cool graphic t-shirts are an easy way to jazz up your outfit and it is also a way to express your personality. The challenge for those who work in big corporations is perhaps the lack of option when it comes to certain pieces, like the t-shirt, as they are seen with some stigma in the work place. I agree with that to a certain extent. There must be limits, however, it also depends on how you style it, and of course, who you are interacting with. Forget it if you are visiting your biggest client or having someone visiting your office! Given you are not seeing anyone who is wearing a suit, a  tee should be ok. But there are some  rules to consider though. Scroll down to find out:
Wearing: Zara t-shirt and earrings | Alice + Olivia cullottes | Calvin Klein heels |  Isabel Marant belt | Reed + Krakof bag
1 - Pair it with tailores pieces
2 - Make sure your accessories are as sharp as can be
3 - Repeat one color from the patterns of your t-shirt in your jewellery
4 - Keep accessories mute
5 - Have fun

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