December 14, 2016 9:38 AM

Well suited

The masculine appeal is a major piece of the puzzle in the fashion industry, which mirrors the corporate world. Perhaps gender fluidity is a more accurate description of such trend.
Gender, as well as the deliberate apathy to that, is political, current, and down to earth. Its relevance is one of the factors that support the cycles of strong masculine gestures in women’s Ready-To-Wears. Fashion being a form of Art, reads the panoramic view of the world at given time. Ours is a time of balance, (or lack of it therefore the need of it), for me, a suit is a perfect way to get that balance.
Regardless of how formal your work environment is, versatility is obviously another reason to invest on a suit. The gender code adjusts to the rest of the ensemble of our choice. Stilettos and oxford lace-ups produce opposing vibes. That's the beauty of it,  you can wear it separately making it more flexible and less serious or even give it a feminine feel. It is fundamental, however, that you find one with a perfect fit.
Your thoughts?
I'm wearing : Cue Pants | Veronica Maine Jacket | Top Shop Loafers 

1 - This Season is all about the outsized shirt, that's a great way to upgrade your look
2 - Pair a traditional suit with another Season's hit; the heeled loafer
3 - High waist pants make your legs appear longer

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