July 21, 2017 9:38 AM

Weekday meets Weekend

On an ideal world, our wardrobe perfectly navigates from weekday to weekend... That's easier said than done. However, you might be shocked by how easy that transition can be! You just have to rely on accessories and the perfect ones. Another mind blowing fact is that there are no rules, or it may seem there is none... Let me explain. What makes a weekday outfit a weekday is its polishness, right? You look like you made an effort, you wear more structured pieces, like jackets or blazers, you upgrade accessories. What makes a weekend outfit a weekend outfit, is the opposite, your hair is not as done as it would be on a weekday, you wear more relaxed fits, like faded loose fit jeans, for instance, your accessories are way more casual, slouch bags, etc... So a perfect in-between-outfit, that belongs to both worlds, is the combination of the two, i.e. a structured jacket, with rundown jeans, finer accessories and undone hair, get it? You cannot say you are not dressed for a casual Friday at work or some nice Saturday lunch. The way you do it is upto you.... So, go out there, have fun, but most of all, be yourself.
Wearing : Zara jeans | Veronica Maine jacket | Proenza Schouler chain bag |  Valentino shoes | Gucci belt

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