February 16, 2017 6:33 PM

Wardrobe Staples


I have to say that the vast majority of time, I dress intuitively. That means I wake up and go with the flow... or, according to my mood. That's the result of years of experience combined with the natural skill of knowing what works for me. I know, it's annoying, however, there are other times when I just pick up a piece and build the entire outfit around that piece. This post is all about this 'tecnique' which I find quite handy for someone who is starting the journey of self-styling. So here you go:

First things first, pick up a piece like a floral shirt with pink tones predominantly
‍Next, pick a cute item with the same base color of the shirt but plain and with a bit of structure for some balance
Opt for a washed blue front open jeans midi skirt for a soft lady like look and a thin camel belt for a natural touch. Finish off with brighter shoes to create a focal point. And voilå! A relaxed feminine look with some structured details for an overall balanced look.

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