March 25, 2018 12:08 PM

Up your sleeves

Layering can be entreguing for most people. PERIOD. But when it comes to layering cropped tops, it is even more so. It can get very limiting in terms of styling. The easy fix if you are not in your 20s and do not want to expose your mid-section area, is to pair it with high rise pants or skirts and wear it underneath a coat or jacket, however, if you have short torso, that is not a great option, so what to do? Well, there is another easy fix; layer it with a longer shirt underneath! Ideally a patterned one with the motif of your preference and using the same family colors. Tadaaa! Because it elongates your torso (remember the rule to create a elongating effect: long over short or short over long?), it is a good idea to pair it with wide legs for balance and high heels. That way you achieve a so desired balanced result.
Wearing: Asilio sweater | Lola Espeleta shirt |  Saloni jeans |  3.1. Phillip Lim mules
Oversized cuffs and collar for a bit of drama is always interesting
Have the hem slightly shorter than you would to show off those gorgeous mules
Having the hem slightly shorter to show off those gorgeous mules!
Balance out the puffines of the sleeves with wide leg pants

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