February 19, 2017 7:16 PM

Unexpected Combination of Colours

I get asked about color combination all the time and if you are a color lover, you will like this post. The thing about clothing in the autumn is how widely embraced the mono-tone hues can be. Gone are the lighter options favored in summer, replaced instead by rather dark and earthy and browny hues. With not so many colors at your fingertips, you may be wondering how to best mix and match such colours, so to help you get started, I inspire you with these 2 color-marriage made in Heaven—and they do not disappoint.
I'm wearing: Derek Lam Knit | Frilled Ham Zara Pants |  Kenzo Jacket
Let a single item speak for itself with this vibrant yolk-yellow knit top. Throw on top was a tailor-cut gray jacket, offering just enough contrast with the coat without competing for attention. 
Investing in a pair of pants that bring a girlie feel is key. Here the ham with frilled ham does the trick alright.
Workwear calls for a well cut jacket borrowed from the boys..
And pretty flats worn with fishnet socks that bring and extra dimension to this mostly masculine look
Accessories play a huge role in any outfit, here a black structured shoulder bag provides a polished finish

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