Trend Alert

May 6, 2019 2:16 PM
Much to the magic behind trends there is a great deal of commercialism behind it as well, truth to be told. Starting from the creation of collections and then the runaways and finally hitting the stores. At the end of the day, it is all about selling clothes, but not without a story being told. We have to remember we all buy emotionally, either to comfort or reward ourselves or because we saw someone we look up to wearing it. When a piece reaches the status of trend, it quickly spreads through the fashion chain, from fashion houses to high street stores, as everybody wants to grab a slice. However while it's 'cool' and desirable to be on trend, the 2 big questions are: Is this trend right for me? And then when does a trend becomes tacky? There is fine line here, well said by Karl Lagerfeld. First and foremost, it all starts when the so-called trend-setters start wearing something that creates a fuzz. Trend-setters are trend-setters for a reason. They are the ones that are the closest to the creators, some even serve as inspiration to them, just to put in perspective. Thus, it is not hard to image why they are so coveted. It has always been some kind of muse in fashion which changesover time, Hollywood stars, celebrities and more recently influencers, as if everything they wear is magical, most of the pieces they wear are out of our league, which sometimes makes us obsessed about it, we want so badly. But back to Earth, we are mere mortals and have real lives, real bodies, real budgets and real bills to pay, so how can we feel like we are one of them without having to break the bank?
Going a bit further into the first question; is the trend right for you? Ask yourself the questions and honestly answer them; does it fit my budget, lifestyle, body shape, the places I spend time in, the people who I interact with, is it age appropriate? How do you feel also needs to be taken into account. Sometimes it is simply not for us and should be skipped altogether, so detach.
The second biggest question; when does a trend become tacky? It can be very blur so look for answers in the right places, go straight to the source, take clue from the big trend-setters, they will NEVER wear a trend when it hits the mainstream! It's a question of being well informed. If you see the trend hitting the hight street stores, it's dead and you run the risk of looking outdated which is the very opposite of what we want. Sadly the big conundrum is that when a trend is still at its peak, it is not very affordable to most people.
So the solution is to be yourself a trend-setter!!! Then you are probably asking yourself; but how can I become a trend-setter when I don't have either the budget for it or am lucky enough to be a muse? An affordable way to become a trend-setter, (someone who inspire others, the original and not the copy), is to be creative and know yourself. By that I mean, know what works for your body type and what flatters you. You don't need a lot of money for that, all you need is the desire to learn and time to invest. A nice accessory can do magics for that signature look. Putting an effort in terms of details and creating a final harmonious look is what we are looking for here. Experiment with different textures, colors, fabrics and developing a great deal of good sense is key. Read about classic cuts, learn everything about the elements of style and put your own spin to them, something that people will remember you by, create your signature look. Invest in accessories, but the right ones, with the right color for you, a nice tasteful piece of jewellery that will elevate your outfit. That's the only way people will notice you in a good way.
Personally, I don't believe there is such a thing as inappropriate age to wear a trend, but in saying that, a couple of points have to be taken into consideration. Please scroll down for some insight into this....
I am in my mid-forties and therefore wearing knee high socks and sandals may not be considered appropriate for my age appropriate, right? Well, it depends on how you feel about yourself first of all.
The second point is: Am I flattered by it? What's the point of wearing something that won't look good on you? But also, ask yourself where you would wear it and how often? I see no wrong in having fun everyone and then, but clothes cost money, so we should consider the cost benefit as well.
Trends are meant to be fun and make us look current. My piece of advice, don't take it too seriously. That's what fashion is all about xx

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