The power of accessories

May 7, 2018 9:53 AM

It's interesting how accessories can create a persona. Hats, belts, scarves, jewellery, shoe and purses have such a power of transformation and adding character to an otherwise mundane outfit, it is quite impressive. The best bit they help you create or unleash a signature look, so it becomes your own. In a world of copies, it is extremely important to stand out. And because It is so personal, you might be setting trends!! That's literally what the term 'trend-setters mean. On the other hand, however it is equally easy to over do it and become a custom rather than a theme-inspired, therefore make sure to feel comfortable in and own it. It has to suit the place you are going to and who you are interacting with. But how do we manage to do that? Scroll down for some hot tips:

#1 - Pick a theme, it can be an old film, a sport, anything. There must be some form of inspiration, non negotiable. The sky is the limit!
                                   #2 Go as far as you feel comfortable with. Starting with a scarf and keep building with bold sunglasses and a hat. You can elect one item to be the star, in this case keep the others mute or have all of them minimal.

#3 Shoes play a big role. Don't underestimate them. They can either make or break the entire outfit.
#4 Play with family colors
#5 Accessories can be bold in their shape but neutral in color
And voila; have fun! xx

Wearing: Joseph jacket  Paule Ka leggings  Marni boots (past season)  Mango clutch  H&M faux leather cap  Elizabeth and James sunglasses

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