The modern dress

April 20, 2018 4:46 PM
What makes an outfit modern? In fashion there is not novelty, everything is recycled yet every time an item makes a come back, there is something special about it, something that makes you think; I need to have it! 'That je ne sais quois'. It is the same thing but not exactly, there is something fresh, it is called innovation, it could be the new technology in fabrics or patterns or a modern touch in the cut... A demure dress is only a dress but when it's got bold sleeves and is cinched at the waist and it is artfully cut it creates a slim silhouette that flatters in all the right places. Choose a so-trendy-at-the-moment caramel and fun big interesting patterns and pared-back stockings to create a canvas that provides an even more elongating effect and finish off with caramel sandals for a modern touch. This is truely an easy way to elevate the wardrobe without being too out there but make a presence at the same time. It's not about picking sides, bold or minimalistic, it is rather about the mid-way and beautifully fullfilling all our diva demands.
Dress by Zara |  Sandals N. 8  |  Belt by Kookai

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