August 25, 2017 12:44 PM

The minimalist look: featuring the midi-skirt

It's nice to wear somehting out there for special occasions but most often on a daily basis it is important to know how to pull off a simple look. Minimalist looks are not easy to get right, it all comes down to fit and some other techniques, see below some hot tips to do it like a pro
Wearing: Mango knit |  Acler Midi-skirt | Dolce & Gabbana bag | Raoul Shoes
#1 Start by making use of contrast. If you have curvy hips, opt for dark, dull colours at the bottom part, if you have fuller breast, choose a V-neck top
#2: You also want to make sure you get a A-line skirt to disguise larger thighs
#3: Midis are great for showing off those wonderful shoes, however if you are not tall, make sure you compensate the lack of hight with some heels
#4: Pair a midi with contrasting high neck knit for a most classic, sophisticated result
#5: Do wear a bold accessory, they add personality and interest, but make sure you choose only one focal point

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