The fine line between comfort and boredom

July 29, 2017 9:58 AM
There's a fine line between comfort and boredom. These days we definitely need comfort, busy lives running errands, dropping off kids at school, meetings, grocery shops, playgrounds (school holidays just finished, Whew!) however, knowing where the line crosses is crucial. A black suit is a go-to classic to rely on. And although black has all the potential in the world to be boring, the secret is to balance volume, texture and pops of color in strategic places, i.e. accessories, layerings, or even a bright lipstick. Black and white are the all-time-classic color combo, when paired with bright hues, it instantly draws the attention to that particular part, whichever point you want to draw the attention to. It's a game you can have fun with. Shoes play a huge part of our lives, there's no denial, and while this is true, finding one that is comfortable and stylish can be a daunty task. This Season, shoes are oozing style and color. Quality-made ones are of paramount importante over style, however. We want authenticity, being remarkable, but above all, keeping our feet and ourselves healthy.
Wearing : Bardot Pants |  Veronica Maine Jacket |  Attico shoes 

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