June 18, 2017 12:44 PM

The Daunty Side of Styling

Styling can be daunty. First thing that comes to mind when you thing of a stylish woman is how effortless she makes it, however, that's not true for most of us poor mortals. The truth is that there is science behind style. Mixing up patterns and fabrics, texture, cuts and colour takes time to master, but it is learnable, That's where a good stylist comes in handy, she can teach you all the tricks behind style and once you get it, that's it! It becomes second nature. However, most importantly is the knowledge of yourself. Yes, you need to know what works and what doesn't work for you. Only then can you say you have mastered style. And the beauty of it, is that although you may not please everyone, because you are being true to yourself, you become so confident, that other's opinion no longer inflluence you so much. You learn that you are unique! You feel more liberated, and that freedom gives you more time to deal with what really matters: the things you really love to do!
I'm wearing: Zara pants  |  Chloe silk bow blouse |  Karen Millen leather jacket | Top Shop Bag | Gucci belt
Rule #1 Volume; when you play with volume, stick to one area, here I am doing the extremes, like collar and hem and keeping the rest as simple as possible for more balance.
Rule #2: Colour: The warmth of the blouse paired with a colour of the same in a different shade is cooled down by the neutral grey pants. Black accents are key to add some interest to the look
Rule #3: Get the masculine/feminine ratio right. I like the idea of borrowing something from the boy's wardrobe to the look. That minimises an otherwise too girlie look, which can be very boring.

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