The best of the rest of the Summer

March 23, 2017 1:51 PM
What inspired me to write this post is what I went through the last few months. Sometimes, when something happens to us, it makes us see more clearly what is going on and that can help us make the necessary changes. The result has nothing much to do with fashion and everything to do with how I want to live my life from this point forward. Going way back, I've always been a huge, unconditional nature lover, but growing up and assuming an 'adult's' life', I confess I left that part of me aside. I am definitely a city girl, love the vibe, energy and all that a big city has to offer, but humans need to replenish from this 'unnatural' state from time to time. Having this major occurrence in my life made me realise how precious spending time in nature can be, specially at the beach with the ones i love. It may sound mundane, yet so many of us spend their lives just doing rather than 'being', after all, we all human beings and not human doings, right? So, I grabbed my little one, put on a cute summer dress and head to the beach in the middle of the week. We both enjoyed watching the beautiful scenary, such a simple thing, you may say, but I was there 100%. I cannot remember a day that I was more present and I remember every second of it; the colours changing, the breeze in my skin and my daughter playing and laughing. And I'm pretty confident my daughter will treasure that day for a long long time, just like me. I dedicate this post to you, mom. Love you forever!
                                                                                                                      I'm wearing Colcci dress

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