April 11, 2017 3:21 PM

That multitasker piece every woman needs in her wardrobe

These days having pieces that play multiple rules matters, besides the ' stylish' look for me is how it makes you stand out from the crowd, it is daring even. Although you might have seen this in other occasions already, (it is becoming a street style staple), I still think it is oudatious to wear a dress on top of trousers. And like with every new thing, it takes time to be assimilated. As much as I’m humbled by the delicate balance between the heritage and modern presence of the fashion industry, being a stylist, I love the freedom that comes from taking a step out of my comfort zone and trying the odds. It is an exercise of creativity which is a crucial element of art and for me, fashion is art. As long as the final result is harmonious and balanced it is art. The clashes between artistic expression and commercial needs made it paradox, however, the simple thought that I am exercising my creativity is enough to make me try something it and think of new ways to keep standing from the crowd.
I'm wearing : Asos dress |  Paige jeans | Bally shoes | Cue oversized clutch
Of course you can always wear this dress the traditional way, but my point is: own it! Besides, who doesn't like pieces that are multitasks?

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