January 7, 2018 3:42 PM
Having recently moved to Adelaide, Australia I haven't had proper vacations yet. It's different being 'down under' as opposed to the Middle-East, where I used to live before, because everything is so far away here. I was used to jump on a place and be in most places in a few hours. Settling in and re-stablishing my business takes time and adjusting, so we decided we would have a 'staycation' this year. Nothing wrong with that and can actually be fun, I guess I'm lying as we did have a bit of a break but most of the time, we chose to spend in the city, which is so gorgeous and has a lovely weather. It's not like we are in the middle of winter in the north hemisphere. My concept of staycation is that you get to really relax without changing environment (after all, there's no use of travelling if you are carrying all your stress with you), it's connecting with nature and our essence, for this, there's no need to be away. A main point though is to disconnect from the world and by that I guess I mean to disconnect from the online world and connect or reconnect more with the ones we care for. We are losing this a bit, in my view. I took the time to enjoy the city and its beautiful parks and wear the most comfortable clothes, like these wide leg linen pants and jacket (nothing is more summery than linen), really soak up the goodness. Adelaide is known for its inumerous excellent restaurants and we love to explore them. Exercise more was also one of the goals, get back to my beloved yoga practice, have long baths, exfoliate, seriously, who has time for that normally? and finally plan and write. Anyway, all the things you don't get to do throughout the year but would love to. All that without the inconvenience of a jet lag plus the cost. So now I got you thinking that a staycation is not a bad idea after all, right?  
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