January 20, 2018 8:19 PM

Stand Out Piece

To create a visual balance there are a number of elements to be taken into consideration; these are the elements of style shapes, cuts, fabrics, contrasts, patterns, proportions, to name a few. For me, the dress is a single piece that can encompass all these elements. It can't get more democratic than that, really. Starting with the fabric, when you choose one that is light enough (but not too light that will cling) to accommodate your lovely curves without adding to it, you nailed it! Whether it is a solid color or pattered, it is up to you, However, be aware of the size of pattern and if it matches your frame i.e. if you are more on the petite side, pick a small pattern with little contrast to it so it won't overwhelm you. As for patterns, obviously it is personal, but best bet are classic ones, like polka-dots, floral, checks or stripes. The latter, preferably vertical for a elongating effect. For shape, that is where the challenge begins, you have to know what works for you well enough, if you don't, start by having a good look in the mirror and check your shoulders, hips, waistline, proportions, bust and tummy area, and create a visual balance by adding volume where needed and keeping things simple on the 'problem' areas, basically. And scroll down for more tips. The final result has to be a harmonious one. It's a learning process, so get started now and it will get easier with time.
I'm wearing: MSGM dress | Cedric Chevalier Belt | Diane Von Furstenberg shoes 
1 - If you have waist, show that off by wearing a belt that contrasts, for a slimming effect.
2 - Make sure the length of the outfit finishes at your narrowest point!
3 - Accessories should complement and not interfere with the result, choose neutral ones, if you opt for a bold color outfit.
4 - Accessories will dress the outfit up or down depending on the occasion, the more refined the accessories, the more dressy the occasion should be.
5 - Showing the right amount of skin has a slimming effect, not too much nor too little, just the right amount.

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