July 9, 2017 11:03 AM

Ski high rise

There is something about high rise wide leg jeans that oozes sexiness and it does so exponentially once paired with a one-shoulder top. it just does. It is so feminine... Not much needed to add to it. Complements are totally secondary. Some outfits can do that. They have this power to transform a mundane look into something completely outstanding without you having to overthink it. And the best part besides being sexy it also does compliment most body types, what could be better? Scroll down for a sense of the style and some hot tips
I'm wearing Viktor & Rolf high rise wide legs jeans | Jacquemus one shoulder cotton top  | Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses
High rise pants enhances your waist and elongate your legs and who doesn't want that?
Wide legs pants disguise large hips, box ticked!
And also tames that tummy area, voila!

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