Significantly life changing events and learning how to deal with them

January 2, 2018 9:32 AM
First working day of 2018, so I am back to work with all the enthusiam in the world, after a short but balanced break when I finally got to do some things I love like: yoga, spend time in nature, visit with my sister who came all the way from Brazil to spend Christmas with us, play with my daughter, date my beloved husband, eat healthy and not so healthy food, after all we need balance. 2017 was the toughest year in my life, as some of you may know, I lost my mom, my best friend and confident. Such overwhelming experiences are undescribable, it pulls you off the track in a way that you think you won't be able to get back, but you do. It may take time but you eventually do. Despite this brutal event in my life, some fantastic things happened as well. We sometimes tend to pay too much attention to the things that hurt us and less to those that cheers us up, this time I tried to soak it all up and I am thankful for the good and the bad, cause that's what life is, a balance of both sides, that at the end, have no sides, they are just events that we decide to judge. I am grateful for everyhing that I've been through cause it made me better and stronger. Now, I'm ready to take on what comes my way, without judgement and embrace life and myself just the way we are. It's such a liberating state of mind this one. That's how I want to live from now on, and I truely hope you too. Happy New Year everyone! May 2018 be the way it is supposed to be x

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