May 18, 2017 3:08 PM

She wears the pants

The oft-used words in fashion right now are ones that imbue the idea of efforless nonchalange. It's the unstructured dressing-gown-cum-coat, the floor-skimming maxi-dress.... both sound good in theory but lack the kind of rigour requried for clothes to wear at the office. Be honest, could you walk into work tomorrow in one of the aforementioned outfits? Pants have a historical meaning to them. When women rebelled from the racist environment in the 1950's fighting for equal values. Nowadays however, this meaning has been lost, in a sense. Not that we are not fighting for equanamity still but certainly not by wearing pants. Here we are talking about fluidity and freedom, raw natural tones to freshen up an wardrobe; the silk pants. a gently hued pallette and feminine cut make fashionable partners by day or night. Softer fabrics with less value make you look more approachable and friendly.
I'm wearing : Phillip Lim silk pants | Top Shop top |  Brian Atwood heels
Style tip: a thin leopard belt, cinched at the waist, defines the sillhouette and never goes out of style
Minimal fuss and tilored cuts ensure this look is as timeless as it is relevant

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