September 27, 2016 1:51 PM

Sequins in the Office


You may think that wearing sequins in the office is not recommendable, but I would say that nothing should be definitive. The new dress code says; 'Use your sensibility'. But of course if you work in a legal office it may not be for you, again, it's all about knowing what suits you and the type of work you do. I think though there is a lot of sensibility in standing out from the crowd and being yourself. And what says more authenticity than a good sequin? However, It will come with 5 conditions:

  1. Keep the rest mute - Black separates really do completement earthy sequin tones.

2. Wear a single piece and make it a star

  1. Go for the chuncky shoes to dress it down
  1. Upgrade the Jewellry - Nothing worse than pairing sequins with cheap-looking or boho-like jewellery. Make sure yours make up for it.
  1. Give it your own touch and own it

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