Purpose dressing

April 30, 2018 5:42 PM
How much effort do you put into achieving a final result? Perhaps, we all think of a result to a certain extent but not entirely. I have said in other occasion that I dress according to my mood, weather and things alike, but picking a theme is not for everyone as it can be a huge amount of work and creativity, which we don't particularly have all the time. However it can be fun and certainly bold. How bold it is is entirely up to you. The creation of an outfit is art, in my opinion, and the result can be controlled. Today, I wanted to create a sexy, feminine yet sophisticated look. The right cuts and colors are of paramount important here. Building from the foundation, which is basic (but not so), jeans skirt with frilled hem and a white tee with slightly puffy sleeves, create an interesting canvas for the pops of color in the right places. Think of accessorising with primary colors, such as a thin green belt for contrast and a bright red little crossbody bag and complete the look with yellow and red heels and please don't forget the yellow tear drop earrings. Nothing chunky or overpowering, but danty and refined and just the right dose! The result is a sexy sophisticated latino feel, which I like. Wonderful week everyone xx

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