July 9, 2017 10:45 AM

Personalisation as the ultimate expression of success

Whenever you think of a successful woman, chances are you will find her extremely sophisticated and impeccably dressed. That is not for no reason, success comes as a whole. What makes someone successful is above all attention to detail and dedication, which of course, involves how she or he dresses. There is no separation, there can't be any. After all, your appearance has intrinsically everything to do with your personality, it is the choices that you make day in day out, whether you are aware or not. It also involves taking risks sometimes, which in turn demands a certain dose of confidence. Doing something completely different from what everyone else is doing might feel intimidating, but it's also very liberating, and it can pay off at the end, it can mean the difference between being just another one or standing our from the crowd. But you have to listen to that soft little voice as opposed to the loud ego's voice that wants to conform and let this little voice express its creativity and uniqueness.
I'm wearing: Asos Shirt |  Zara Dress | Marni (vintage) bag | Marni boots

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