March 19, 2018 11:40 AM

Own your shirt

Your clothing should show your values and personality. But before you get there, you have to learn the rules, only to break them :) Thought provoking is interesting, it takes bravery and self-awareness and confidence, which I value. You know some won't approve it but you do it anyway, if it feels right to you. If there were not brave people, we would still be isolated from each other living in different continents, perhaps. There is great freedom in being brave, freedom from the burden to conform. It also takes lots of self-awareness to know what works for you and having a harmonious result. It's not just being different for being different, it's being different and looking good, feeling great and comfort on your own skin. It can be wearing a dress as a skirt or sequins during the day, whatever it is, own it. Clohting is your signature, it is how people associate with you and how people perceive you. Your attitude towards it will determine how successful in sending the message across you will be and it can mean anything.
I'm wearing : Zara Dress (worn as shirt) |  Frayed Paige Jeans |  Kookai Belt  |  Mimco Clutch

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