One-stop-shop Set

April 11, 2018 8:43 PM
I started to get more serious about skincare very recently. I guess when your turn 40 which is a milestone you start to pay more attention to lines and wrinkles, grey hair and all of that. Actually, I used to be more into treatments than routine skincare (I can be very lazy sometimes), but I am finding that technology is getting so good these days that it is insane not to make use of it. Because I wear quite a lot of make up for my shots and events, I am in a constant hunt for the best products and in particular cleansers. I have a couple of favourites that tick some boxes, but I wanted one-stop-shop kind of product, one that would lift the impurities as well as make up all in one and if it all possible, that wouldn't leave my skin too dry plus a range that would equally suit all my needs. It is no secret that I love trying new products and when I got to try this Antioxidant and Pollution Discovery Set range by Ocinium, I found it had everything I wanted. For starters, It's packed full of antioxidantes to fight against pollution and day-to-day stressors, AHA acids and oils that leave a great smell, which I love by the way and my skin feels very soft. It has Australian plant formulations along with scientifically developed formulation of  intelligent ingredients that work on a cellular level to increase cell-turnover. This turn-over as we know boosts collagen production and promote DNA repair, which is crucial for a more youthful complexion. All in 3 easy steps: ECDYSIS Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse, I found that this product is really great to remove make up, number one thing for me, plus it didn't leave my skin dry and its got a lovely fresh smell to it. Then I followed with ELEMENTAL Vitamin A+C+E Serum that is supposed to defy the signs of atmospheric aging and fight against environment pollutants. I found its formulation very pleasant and left my skin very supple, I've also noticed my skin was clearer and I looked less tired the next morning. The bonus, a little goes a long way. The last step is METAMORPHIS Multi-Vitamin Cream, a very rich cream that I found quite hydrating. I loved how my skin felt very plump and ready to go bare or underneath my favourite BB cream or foundation. Thumbs up!