January 4, 2017 5:43 PM

One dress, Countless Ways to Style

I've always come from a place when I am continuously progressing into piecing my career, family, surroundings, goals and purposes into a more holistic perspective. That couldn't be any different with my outfit choices. A good approach to clothing is to pick pieces that not only are timeless in terms of fashion but are also timeless for you in particular, the ones that makes you feel at your best. And above all have that discipline to commit to only that that suits you and not be distracted by what is on trend. That is no easy task. It can be limiting sometimes but that is what works all the time. My continuous choice is to embrace and wrap myself up in beautiful pieces that enhances my body and gives me confidence. This only comes with maturing, that consciousness that we are unique and enough and we know what is best for us in all aspects of our life.
May your New Year be filled with accomplishments
x Silvana
What I like the most about this Keepsake the Label, dress is the fact that I can play dress up and down, change accessories and layer it for multiple looks that it can be worn throughout the year. Nothing like wearing something that you feel pretty in to boost your confidence, right?
She wear the Belt
Accessories add that particular flare and show who you really are, your uniqueness. Play with scarves, layering, belts, shoes...One should never be afraid to be themselves.

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