New Decade. New You!

January 18, 2020 5:23 PM

Happy New Decade!!

We always make resolutions at the end of each year, but this time around I found my resolutions to be more powerful and not only being about the one year but an entire decade ahead, which means, long term. When we look back, we realise how much our behaviour has changed in general in the past decade and specially with the spread of social media which completely reconfigured our consuming habits and that got me thinking of what there is in store for us this decade. Fashion being my main focus, I noticed that the diffusion of runway trends on social media and the internet at large got so vast and happened at such a dizzying speed.
The pendulum is swinging so fast these days that once the runway looks hit the store, their image is so saturated on the internet that they feel like they’ve already lost all their sparkle.
In  addition, the fast fashion brands with huge budgets who recreate and imitate these looks almost instantly—using their insane social reach to plaster images across our feeds- feels like we’ll always be downwind of the latest trend. Our metabolism for new trends is only getting faster.

Trends are so accessible online which diminishes their magic—clothing starts to feel less and less like an expression of our personality, and more like a never-ending game of trying to keep up.

You probably remember the days when you would save up all of your pocket/work money to splash on whatever you ~couldn’t live without~  and would wear it to death. This seems like it’s been forever, thanks to the shoppable function Instagram and services like Afterpay, we now can buy anything from anywhere at anytime.
So, is the answer going backwards to the old days? I don’t think so. Instagram is a great tool and it has changed the way we interact, live and buy for good. It connects us with like-minded people from across the world, opens up job/collaboration opportunities for creatives, is a great form of self-expression, and has given a voice to smaller brands who might not otherwise have had one.
In order for our own personal style to develop in the face of this overflow of trends, I think we need to be more mindful of who we really are, of our inner essence and more conscious about what truly represents us.

In a throwaway culture that thrives on a fast turnover of trends, I think it’s more important than ever to cultivate our own unique personal style.

As teenager, I always wanted something different, unique and even when I happened to like a certain trend, I made a point of not falling into it. I wanted to be different from the crowd. Today I found balance and no need to be so extreme. If I like a trend I wear it but I am very mindful of which trends have to do with who I am and I am not attached. That's key.
For me, my personal style is the result of my cultural background, lifestyle and personal preferences combined with my body shape limitations, if you will. There are pillars in my wardrobe that are the sartorially comfortable that they feel like home—among them are blazers, turtlenecks, slingbacks and wide leg jeans. These are the foundational pieces of my personal style: they make me feel good, and I know I can always rely on them when I’m in a creative rut. Speaking of which, during the next few weeks, I will be going through what for me are every woman's wardrobe essentials, giving emphasis to the different body shapes.
I think the cornerstone of great personal style is also the ability to have fun with your outfits. Going vintage/thrift shopping can be a great way to let yourself be drawn to clothes that evoke an emotional reaction in you, rather than shopping online or in-store based on the latest trends. Finding inspiration can also be as easy as going offline and visiting an art gallery or waking at the beach — immersing in the present moment and emptying the mind to make room for the new. For another hit of inspiration, go and see an old film, or spend the afternoon milling about a gallery or museum.

In determining your personal style in 2020, it’s important to ask ourselves what is our inner essence, the one that truly captures who we are. That unique ‘you’ is what will stand out from the crowd.

Personal style is just that: personal. My role as a stylist is to guide you in the process by helping you make more conscious, smarter choices that will save you precious time and money.

Here I am wearing: Hope Resort bodysuit | Veronica Main blazer |  H&M pants | Bottega Veneta clutch and belt | Karen Walker sunglasses
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