August 12, 2017 7:03 PM

In between preferences and being open to the new

I am not a print person, it's just a personal preference, I have been more into the solid colours. However, I am always ready to try new things, you never know what can happen... Nature is such a huge part of our lives and sometimes we don't realise that, I guess that's why I felt like trying this floral skirt, as a Spring influence and it just felt amazing! You know when you wear something that makes you want to dance? Clothing has this power, it changes your mood, like a persona. It is refreshing to think that you have that kind of freedom, be a different every day. You don't need to be rigid about the way you dress, the only rule is the right fit. Being flexible brings new possibilities at every moment, things we might never think possible, it is just liberating. A good way to start doing things differently is experimenting with clothes, new colours, new patterns, new fabrics, there are a myriad of ways to look and feel different.. How do you feel about trying new things?
I'm wearing : Zara Floral Viscose Skirt | H&M Turtleneck Top | Alexander Wang Velvelt Shoes | Olga Berg Bag |  Acne Studios Sunglasses

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