August 4, 2017 10:07 PM

How to do a killer look like a pro

The secret to a killer look is a combination of attention to detail and knowing how to balance both colours and volume. Here each and every piece is a star yet they don't clash with each other, they actually complement each other, i.e. a bright orange skirt is cooled down by a baby blue top, and the volume of the sleeves is balanced out by the just pencil skirt, which by the way, shows just the right amount of skin. The accessories play a huge role as well, but because of the use of colours in the outfit they have to be neutral to not interfere with other pieces, a barely there pair of sandals, with sculptural heels are a show stopper right there and the cross body purse adds that extra feminine edge. Elegance is the keyword, and it never goes out of style. And last but not least, attention to detail, from head to toe, is crucial to a killer result, which can be easily ruined if for example chipped nails or undone. Nothing overly done, you don't want to look like you tried too hard, just that 'je ne sais quo', will do.  
Wearing: Asilio Top | CMEO/Colliective skirt | Manning Cartell Sandals | Proenza Schouler bag | Miu Miu Sunglasses
#1: When it comes to colour, think opposites i.e. bright/dull, dark/light. It creates balance and adds interest
#2: Keep accessories neutral, but never matchy, matchy. It is boring
#3: Get some volume - Bet in one piece with some volume but make sure you are not adding unnecessary bulk where you carry more weight, so if you have large breast, avoid volume at the top, etc.
#4: Show off some skin at the right places and the right amount. A little bit of skin is sexy and as a bonus it has a slimmering effect, but be aware of showing too much as it can create the opposite effect.

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