May 27, 2018 3:01 PM

How to color combo in Winter

Have you noticed that every time the temperatures drop, people start wearing black? Ok, perhaps they already wear lots of black but it gets intensified. All of a sudden, there is a black ocean... that's how it feels anyway. And that is kind of depressing for me because black is the absence of color, scientifically speaking, therefore, it misses vibrancy, energy. I love black, don't get me wrong, but in Winter months, in particular, I need to insert extra vibrant energetic colors in my wardrobe to keep the blues at bay. But then comes the question; what colors go with which color? Well, for starters, neutrals are a great way to begin with, and then I build from there. Camel is perhaps the second most worn color in Winter after black, it is classic, sophisticated and I love how it lightens up an entire outfit. The best part it goes with literally everythaaaang! Black, it is a classic combo. Blue, fantastic. Grey, perfect. Red, absolutely. Pink, why not? Now when it comes to fit, a classic structured coat works wonders with looser fits such as flowy trousers and full skirts. And to balance it all out, a snug turtleneck. Voila!
wearing: mary katrantzou pants |  uterque turtleneck |  zara coat  |  collette haymann chain crossbody bag

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