October 16, 2016 10:26 AM

Frills with a Twist


For all of us who mostly choose less over more, a bit of embellishment can potentially bring that feminine edge to an otherwise clean solid outfit. I personally could use a bit of frills in my closet, however wouldn't do it without balancing it out with a masculine touch. I am definitely not a girlie girl. A slightly masculine taylored vest creates that feminine/masculine edge that I always aim for and that eases me in.

These wooly cullottes made perfect sense in the office and are a liberating concept that I always find a safe style not only this Season but the ones to come as well.

                                         I'm wearing Zara top and vest |    Oxford wolly trousers   |   Calvin Klein shoes   |    Some Day Loving Sunglasses

                                                                          Here's how to style it different ways: On its own

With a vest : This is my favourite way to style it, it balances out the feminine/masculine ration which I am always looking for
The cullottes add a bit of drama. Who wants to be boring, after all?? :)

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