Freedom of Choice

May 15, 2018 4:51 PM
What are trends? They are suggestions put out there or simply bets. Generally worn by young stylish skinny girls. Stylish people know what works for them, they are trend-setters, the rest are followers. To know what works for you comes with maturity (which does not necessarily comes with age), how we depart from the mass dressing and find our own individuality. Finding our signature look takes time and self-awareness, and dedication and lots of it. Embracing our little flaws and enhancing our assets is all there is to it, accepting who we are as a whole, it is what boosts our self-esteem. MIxing textures, patterns, monochromatics and pops of bright hues, creating shapes where there is none, and camouflaging large hips or bust... Bringing all elements of style in order to create visual balance and an harmonious result, at the end, we feel great and who cares about the rest?
Wearing: Acler skirt |  Asilio Top |  Raoul Pumps | Mango Purse

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