Feeling confident in our own skin

December 6, 2018 2:34 PM

I feel good at where I am now but it hasn't always been the case!

Early on when I first started in fashion working for a luxury magazine I soon realised how important it was to have a certain figure in order to fit in the industry. We were literally 'measured' by the pounds we weighed. I suffered a lot with all that. I was thorn between my passion for fashion and the desire to be myself. Been a healthy girl with a normal body didn't seem to translate into success in the fashion industry. That was one of the main reasons why I left the industry. Giving up on my passion (or what I thought it was) was hard, but it didn't feel right to stay. Later on in hindsight I see how crucial that decision was for my wellbeing, I kept my integrity. I have always had a healthy lifestyle, I run and cycle six times a week and do a bit of yoga and meditate, eat healthy but also enjoy life. Balance is key for me.
It saddens me when I see young girls still going through the same issues and pressure. Nothing has changed since then! I think of my daughter and what she is going to face growing up and wish that by the time she enters the workforce that is no longer like that. That became my passion. Help women feel good wherever they are. Because we have to be happy exactly where we are first, without searching for models out there, and if we think we need to change anything, i.e. loose weight, change lifestyle, start exercising etc, then we do but first we need to be at peace with ourselves. I have found throughout the years that meditation helps a lot with understanding what's going on inside of us. I also believe that using alternative medicine instead of drugs are better options, cause they too help us have more clarity of what is going on inside of us without any collateral effect. Being mindful creates a disconnection with dysfunctional patterns and we regain control of our lives.
All that I apply to my clients. My approach to my work is all about how my clients want to feel about themselves when we dress up every morning or have a special occasion come up. It is bringing the attention to what is here and not get distracted with what is out there. Everyone is unique! And helping real women unleash that uniqueness is my job and my true passion I now know that! xx