January 20, 2018 1:12 PM


Here I am again, chatting about color, I guess I need to exhaust this theme otherwise that will be haunting me forever :) the fact is, I had a conversation with someone the other day which really tirggered my curiosity over the fact that, in my understanding, was obvious. That's the beauty of discussing with people who's view is completely different than yours. That can be very enriching, case in point; in my own mind, color brings up the wearer's personalty but this person I was talking to, on the other hand, (by the way this person is aversed to color), it distracts the viewers from the personality, it dims the light of the individual and makes the color the star. I guess it all comes down to points of view, I still believe that color brings up the personality, to wear a bold color you have to have the right attitude, it is scientifically proven that a shy person will wear softer hues and an extrovert will mostly wear brighter hues. Aesthetically speaking, a pro move on bold colors is to have a neutral base to couter balance and make use of pops of color here and there with same family colors to reinforce the pattern. Hope this helps you enjoy color more and more x
Wearing : Mary Katrantzou Pants | Theory Shirt | Marc Jacobs Scarf

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