November 14, 2016 10:12 AM

Easy Separates


Often there are days when you feel like taking things ease. I think that colours (or the lack of those), play a huge role there. Soft hues transmit the calmness that is so needed sometimes. Think of baby blues, beiges, aqua greens. When these are paired with whites, they get an even softer edge. Simple lines, natural light-weight fabrics, are good coadjuvants, as they reinforce the harmonosity of the look. However, the most important thing is the cut....

I'm wearing: TopshopTop  |  Zara light woolen skirt  |  Manning Cartell Sandals  | Derek Lam Bag  |   Miu Miu Acetate Sunglasses

Simplicity is all about the perfect cut. Seen from the 'outside' seems effortless, but there is a lot of thinking and homework done. You need to know what suits you to achieve a seemingly effortless look.
The accessories, the color, simple designs. All make sense.
When everything is mute, bet in strategic detailing...
And to finish off, why not black and white shoes?

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