February 12, 2018 8:38 PM

Easily navigating

Whenever I pick up a garment the first think that comes to mind is how I am going to style it. I instantly think of the inumerous ways and occasions I will wear it. There is absolutely no way I will ever buy something that won't be versatile as I don't want to have multiple wardrobes. I want pieces that can be easily dressed up or down and navigate through all aspects of my busy life. For that reason, it is easy when you choose pieces in neutral hues that will go with most everything. I like to style this gorgeous Tanouk silk dress with rustic accessories in the form of a laid back rafia backpack and chuncky suede sandals for a monochromatic look that will feel cozy and relaxed, I finished off with a thin faux leopard skin belt and you could go even further and swap the chunky sandals for flats, it would be just perfect! It is really up to you...To elevate the look, I simply added a silk scarf and belt in a bright green hue for contrast, a classic golden chain black bag and heels that inserted sophistication, and voila! You are all ready to go xxx

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