Dressing for the day you will have

April 18, 2017 12:27 PM
Nobody wants to compromise style when doing shopping, right? But in saying that, you also want to make sure you are comfortable to be able to focus on the items you need, maybe you like to do some searching (like me) and you will need to go from one place to another, maybe you wanna have a coffee break.... I can spend 4 hours straight shopping, sometimes coming back home empty hands, anyone empathises? So, the key is: comfort but you want to look cool as well. If you are fine with heels, perfect, otherwise, it is a good idea to choose some utter elegant slippers, that are very much on trend right now. You also need to make sure your clothes remain in shape and are easy to walk around. Below my ultimate shopping check list that you will make your experience with shopping much more fun.
I'm wearing : Zara Bomber Jacket |  Cos leather mini-skirt | Marni boots |  Proenza Schouler bag
Choose small accessories, like a small cross body bag, so you don't need to think about your bag when you are already carrying (lots of) shopping bags.
Try a bomber jacket that is current yet multifunctional with side pockets so you can carry some pity money for the cab or a coffee, por exemple.
Do wear a bold necklace and stockings to feel that you are more dressed up
Make a pony tail. It makes it easier to get around care-free and you will look for polished.
 Shopping is fun but wandering can be very frustrating, so make sure you have a list and a budget and stick to it.
Try to shop on your own, a friend can be distracting. Exception made if she is a stylist :)
Don't worry if you don't find what you need, sometimes it takes several trips in order to get the 'perfect jeans'. It is important to have patience.
Have fun, be curious and open to the new!
Hope you like this post. Let me know x

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