Do you have a style stamp?

April 26, 2019 1:15 PM
As a former luxury magazine stylist, I saw no limits to creative styling. But that doesn't necessarily translate into the day-to-day wear. So the question I have been asked all the time is; how do I stand out without looking like I've tried too hard? Well, first things first. In order to master the styling queen universe, we need to have a clear understanding of all the elements of style, (which are mostly science by the way), and those are; fabrics, cuts, colors, patterns etc. These are the foundation of any garment and there is no way around it. So let's get down to them (very briefly, I promise). The weight of the fabric can either create volume or shrink things down, the cuts create shapes and forms, colors add impact and patterns illusions. Anything can be achieved just by the correct use of these elements. The second most important aspect is to "know thyself', in other words, know your physical constitution and pick what works for you. There is no point in wearing what does not suit your frame. And thirdly, and perhaps the most difficult part (but not unachievable), is developing a sense of harmony. Everything has to make sense at the end. To illustrate the above mentioned in more depth and for precious tips, please scroll down the pictures.
Color blocking is one of the most interesting yet misunderstood styling techniques. To simplify, it's the use of warm and cool hues in blocks, thus its name 'color blocking'. Here the warmth of the caramel skirt is closely styled with the coolness of the blue tights for an interesting high impact. The brighter the colors the higher the impact.
Keeping the other pieces within the same family reinforces the result while creates harmony
Layering can be tricky, keep the foundation as neutral as possible
White accessories give that modern edge we all love
Cinching the waist is a great way to slim down the final result if you are not on the petite side :)

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