February 18, 2018 11:49 AM

Classic redone

The whole fun about fashion is its seasonal inputs. There is no 'reinventing' the wheel per se, but every Season there is a uniqueness to it. I still call it creativity. This is an eclectic jacket with some classic elements reworked. The shape is classic but then you've got the length which is a bit longer and the big flowers playing a distinct stylistic note. Depending on the needs, the styling choices abound. The same goes to the cullottes, another trend-turned-classic and the mules. All these together, make a classic look current and fun, that's what fashion is all about for me. Scroll down for some hot tips on how to make it your own:
Wearing : George J. Love jacket  |  Topshop cullottes  |  Attico mules
Make the top underneath mingle up with the coat by repeating one of the patterns colors
Shoes matching some elements of the pattern is interesting
Make those mules stand out by wearing cropped pants or cullottes

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