November 13, 2016 8:32 PM

Casual that works

The easiest things are the most difficult to achieve. Many of us struggle with 'finding' options in our closet that transition from weekday to weekend. For me, it all comes down to how comfortable you feel on weekends, without compromising the style. Having a young daughter, all I want is to be able to follow her rythim, which means walk, run from place to place or even sit while I wait for her to play at a park. That's real life for me at the moment and I love it!
I'm wearing:
Ralph Lauren silk bow blouse |  Top Shop  tappered pants  |   Ali Express Oxford shoes
Nothing like pretty oxfords for the perfect balanced outfit that is casual yet sophisticated. I could live in these.
When you broaden your perpective regarding how to wear some classic pieces, you will find ways to dress it up and down. Who would have thought of the silk bow blouse paired with oxfords and tappered pants?
What is crucial for me is to feel free, comfortable and pretty all at once. And that if later on the day something unexpected comes up, all I do is put on my favourite pumps and, voilà!

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