July 24, 2016 3:04 PM

Bow Game


This is one of those classic items that make me feel ultra feminine and chic every single time I wear it. It's the ultimate sophistication, the bow shirt here, when paired with tailored trousers, create a great balance between feminine and masculine. These two colors are made in Heaven, a bit of warmth and softness of this silk ginger top and the austerity of the heavy wooden gray, all combined in order to make me feel cozy and free. That's how I like and need to feel during the day. Working and walking around and not having to worry if I am still looking good. I bit of heels can't hurt and adds extra height, which everyone can benefit from. Let me know your thoughts on this?

And did I mention my current love for everything golden?

Top; Chloe

Trousers: Cue

Shoes: Tony Bianco

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