All Black All Day Everyday 2

January 20, 2018 2:05 PM
A while ago I did a 'all black" outfit post, and I've been asked to do another one, which I am gladly doing today. There are no big tricks to it, It's all about wearing difference textures and shapes, that obviously work for you .Yes, draped one-shoulder top on a shiny silky fabric can be worn during the day. Actually, the brigther the day the better, so that it contrasts even more against the matte cullottes. Typically satin is restricted to parties, but when you pair it with the right fabrics that will provide a visual balance rather than add more to it, it is perfectly fine. Edgy angles, details on one end, pops of color in the shape of polka-dots unexpectedly placed at the wrist on the other one, black and white accessories finish off the look. This can be worn in the office just by throwing on a jacket or easily go to after-hour drinks or even a dinner with your besties. Details that don't overwhelm each other just add interest to a otherwise boring monochromatic outfit, that's a good way to wear black without being too predictable. What's your way of wearing black from head to toe? I'd love to hear xx
Wearing : Zara Cullottes |  Jolie By Edward Spiers Top | Raoul Pumps | Cue Clutch | Marc Jacobs Scarf