June 12, 2017 11:48 AM

Affordability, Fun and Style

My advice when it comes to fashion is not taking it too seriously. What I wear depends on how I feel. That’s what I love so much about fashion, it’s the self-expression. You can be anything you want for just one day. That's why I don't overreact about trends...they come and they go, so I pick one every now and then that most resonates with my personality but I never spent too much on them, that's insane, however I do like to play and have fun, so the solution I found is fast-forward fashion, meaning stores where you can get the latest trends at affordable price. But a big chunk of my investment goes to perenneal timeless pieces that will last for many seasons ahead. I rely on those pieces as a base for my everyday outfits so I can play with trends to build a more current look. Knowing where to splurge is crucial. Style your look around your core pieces; you don't need a million choices. Give a little extra thought to the different 'fashion' pieces you pair back to your go-to items. Build your wardrobe around amazing foundational items that will take you from work to dinner, the weekend, and to next year. Last but not least, find yourself a great tailor. Think of ways to make alterations on your existing wardrobe. It's amazing what a little hem shortening, tuck at the waist, slimming out a pant leg, removing of the sleeves can do to give your wardrobe a fresh look. Changing the buttons is another easy way of getting more out of your existing selection.
I'm wearing: Zara Tee | Alberta Ferretti skirt |  Dolce& Gabbana bag |  Witchery boots

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