December 4, 2016 8:28 PM

A modern twist on two favourites: White shirt & Mom's Jeans

Classics are classics for a reason. They have that attemporal flare to them. But it can't hurt to add your own accents to a classic look, be it in the form of prints, textures or cuts, like here. The great thing about simplicity is that you can give it your signature style, it's like a white canvas, where you can create your art, make it your own. These mom's jeans are a thing on its own, they are oversized and with a unexpected detailing on the side, styled with the hems up, makes it more unique, but when paired with a white crisp shirt it just feels right, a marriage made in Heaven.
I'm wearing: Zara Mom's jeans |  Asos shirt |  Top Shop Loafers | Proenza Schouler Mini Cross body bag  |  Prada Sunglasses
HIgh Heel Loafer, Another Classic with a Twist; Mule-ish and High Heeled
Accessories are that are clean and monochromatic provide an harmonious result
I absolutely love how I will be wearing this look 10 years from now

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