January 7, 2017 2:38 PM

A Bold Movement

The first thing that I should be thinking about when planning a photo shoot was supposed to be the outfit, right? Turned out that the location ocurred to me first. When I first visited the boutique vineyards in Clare Valley, and saw this bucolic Monastery, built by Jesuits to produce sacramental wine, I immediately knew it was the place, it transported me to anitalian village which I so identify with. I think both outfit and scenery complemented each other so well... Speaking of the outfit, thanks to Alessandro Michele, sequins are having a major come back. Like in the '70s, daring, curiously compelling—and with a streak of mystery and eccentricity. It is your choice, however, to add colour on top of it all. Here I'm being more modest and playing with textures rather than colors and patterns. Sequins in black is all but boring and add a lot of sensuality, it has a better appeal though if you mix it with light-weight fabrics like silk and gabardine. In terms of hair and make up, I guess it will depend on which result you want to achieve, for a night look, go for a sleak bun and red bold lips, for the day, dare to wear sneakers for an intriguing, fun look.
I'm wearing: Michael Kors sequins skirt | Theory silk shirt | Tony Bianco sandals
Sensuality is not just about showing off a lot of skin, it's showing some strategic skin combined with the movement and how it enhances the body
Whenever wearing open toes shoes, make sure you pedi is on point and with bold color for more impact

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